In collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health, public and private institutions of higher education in Virginia publish COVID-19 activity on this dashboard to supplement the outbreak data presented by VDH.

Data entered here are not meant to be used for research purposes, but to increase awareness and understanding of COVID-19 activity at institutions. The following definitions are used as a foundation for data, but specific dates, use of terms, and COVID-19 details should be found on the institution dashboards and websites. Links to institution dashboards have been added to the dashboard for convenience.

Cumulative Positive Cases This Current Term: The total number of people that have tested positive this term. Viewers should refer to the institutional pages for specific term start and stop dates.

Current Active Case Positives Count: The number of people currently in isolation. Some schools already have a definition they are using, but if not, schools are encouraged to use the dates the case is in isolation as defined by VDH contact tracing. Typically, this is ten days from symptom onset or test result. If a school uses a different definition, schools are encouraged state it clearly on their own institutional dashboards.